We are a litigation practice, and we have extensive experience of going to court. That experience brings about better solutions for our clients. We are forward-thinking and always consider how the court will view the solution chosen. In our experience the best way to avoid a court case is to anticipate it and prepare for it as best possible from the outset.

When the solution is properly thought through, it is easier to resolve a subsequent conflict by means other than legal action. We take part in alternative conflict resolution in the form of mediation, including court-based mediation, whenever it makes sense for the client. A number of our lawyers are trained mediators. We strive to achieve solutions in the client’s interest and attach importance to ensuring that, apart from being legally sound, the solution also takes into account the client’s business, personal and family context. We are decent and businesslike—even when the conflict escalates.

We are experienced legal assistants in connection with commissions of inquiry, representing clients both on administrative bodies and before the city court, the high courts, the Supreme Court and international tribunals.