Areas of expertise

Insolvency law

We handle all aspects of insolvency proceedings and consultancy assignments in connection with restructuring, bankruptcy, creditors’ legal rights and litigation.

Private clients

We have extensive experience of advising all types of clients on private matters, their business affairs and the interaction between the two.


We are a litigation practice and have extensive experience of going to court. That experience stands us, and more particularly our clients, in good stead.

Trusts and foundations

We have vast experience in assisting trusts and foundations in our capacity as a board member and as external consultants. We offer a broad range of advice on all matters regarding trust law.


We advise lawyers and other clients on anti-laundering regulations, anti-corruption rules, export bans and embargo rules in international trading.

Other areas of expertise

We are highly specialised within our respective areas of expertise, but we also provide consultancy within a number of other areas.