About us

“It’s simply not possible to legislate on everything.
That’s why it’s also important for lawyers to have an ethical outlook,
so that they can enter arenas and advise clients where there are no laws,
and there should be no laws.”


Our philosophy

We have long-standing experience from major law firms, but common values and shared ambitions have brought us together in an office-based partnership shared by Rovsing Advokater P/S and Gammeljord Advokater ApS.

The client relationship is key to our activity, and we provide the best possible advice on the basis of the individual client’s personal and/or commercial situation. As lawyers, we are the clients’ trusted advisers. We don’t sell standardised services, but rather specialised, individual consultancy, which calls for a genuine interest in our clients’ situation.


We all have considerable experience of attending court and make proactive use of that experience in the solutions we forge for our clients. We are pragmatic and present—we solve problems based on the dictates of both the law and the client’s needs.

Our work is motivated by commitment and our zest for working. We are rounded individuals who are also engaged outside of the office; quite simply, being involved in the society around us and with our family lives makes us better lawyers and advisers too.